About me


Elisa Ferrotto was born in Milan in 1982, she graduated from the U. Boccioni Artistic High School in Milan, specializing in architecture and then attended courses in realistic comics and illustration at The School of Comics, in Milan.

Painter, illustrator and concept artist expert in both traditional and digital techniques, with a realistic style, she has well over 10 years of work experience in the creation of illustrations and concept art with a Horror and Fantasy theme, in particular for the publishing sector of role-playing games and board games as well as for exclusive commissions for collectors and individuals.

 She has implemented her professional skills by attending specialization courses in hyper realistic painting on silicone for special effects and anatomical sculpture that have led her to collaborations as concept artist, Prosthetic workshop technician, Silicone runner, painter and Make up artist in the field of effects  special films where his passion for details has found further happy realization.